• 1torresdelpaine_landscape_chile

    Lake at the base of Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

  • 1gull_dive_alaska

    Herring Gull in Glacier Bay Alaska

  • 1waddington_mists

    Early morning mists swirl the Northwest and North East Summits of Mount Waddington British Columbia

  • 1sealion_lineup

    Stellar Sea Lions in Ionian Island Group on the Gulf of Alaska

  • 1tetrahedron_landscape_bc

    Mount Steele overlooking Georgia Strait on the Sunshine Coast British Columbia

  • 1guanaco_tierradelfuego

    Guanaco in Teirra del Fuego Chile

  • 1thoare_roadtrip_1

    Countryside near Yakima Washington May 2008

  • 1oyster_glacierbay_ak

    Oyster Catcher in Glacier Bay, Gulf of Alaska

  • 1guanaco_torres_chile

    Guanaco after swimming a stream near Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

  • 1THoare_PER2008_832

    Commerson Dolphin jumping in the Strait of Megellan near Punta Arenas Chile

  • 1utah_desertscape

    Desert Landscape near Goblin Valley Utah

  • 1amanitas_porpoisebay

    Amanita muscaria in Porpoise Provincial Park, Sechelt, BC

  • 1THoare_PER2008_573

    Patagonian Fox (Lycalopex griseus) at Vincuna Camp, World Conservation Society Park Headquarters for Karukinka Reserve in Tierra del Fuego Chile

  • 1chilcotin_flowers

    Abundant wild flowers in the South Chilcotin Mountains

  • 1heron_alertbay_bc

    Blue Heron takes an early morning flight on a windless morning near Telegraphy Cove British Columbias

  • 1robson_icefall

    Avalanche and Icefall at the base of the Kain Face, Mount Robson, BC

  • 1mudflats

    Mud flats near Cape Caution, British Columbia

  • 1mount_adams_ski

    Kevin Williams and Ken Young ski off the summit of Mount Adams Washington with an ofternoon storm in the offing

  • 1chilean_fiords

    Southern Islands of Chilean Patagonia