• 1ensign_navalbase_chile

    Sailor at Chilean Naval Base in Punta Arenas, Chile

  • 1girl_iquitos_peru

    Girl pondering the photographer on a bus near Iquitos Peru

  • 1THoare_RioNapo_Travel_134

    Paddling a heavy load in Santa Clotilde Peru on the Rio Napo in the upper Amazon

  • 1shell_boys_cancun

    Sea shell businessmen of Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico

  • 1zamir_portrait

    Portrait of Zamir Dhanji

  • 1boatyard_isla_navarino_chile

    A boat yard in Puerto Williams on Isla Navarino, Chile

  • 1boatman_yendigia_chile

    Chilean mariner near Yendigia Chile, a remote outpost on the Beagle Channel

  • 1girls_santa_maria_peru

    Youth on a riverboat on the Rio Napo near Santa Maria Peru

  • 1fishing_family_rio_napo

    Family fishing in a remote lake off the Rio Napo close to Santa Clotilde Peru

  • 1carabineros_chile

    Chilean police crossing the Straits of Magellan in support of the 2008 Patagaonian Expedition Race

  • 1victory_beagle_channel_chile

    2008 Patagonia Expedition Race - Schooner Victory in the Beagle Channel, Chile transports journalists towards racers emerging from the Darwin Range traverse

  • 1san_martin_school_peru

    Children at a school in San Martin on the remote Rio Napo in the Peruvian Amazon

  • 1mexico_city_airport

    Walkway at Mexico City international Airport

  • 1rio_market_boy

    Street market in a suburb of Rio de Janeiro Brazil

  • 1peace_arch_washington

    Peace Arch border crossing between Blaine Washington and Vancouver BC

  • 1amazon_boat_community_peru

    People are very comfortable in dugouts with low freeboard. This group was floating on the Rio Napo near the community of Santa Rosa just upstream from the Amazon

  • 1sequoia_firepit_peru

    Sequoia man tends the cook stove at his home on a Sequoia Reservation near Santa Maria on the Rio Napo Peru

  • 1juneau_harbour_ak

    View up Gastineau Channel in Juneau, Alaska

  • 1rio_napo_child_foot

    Child in his family home on the banks of the Rio Napo near San Martin Peru

  • 1mulitgeneration_rio_napo_peru

    Three generations of family homesteading on the Rio Napo near Iquitos Peru

  • 1Pelican_Alaska

    Pelican fishing village on Chichagof Island in South East Alaska

  • 1son_amazon_peru

    Boy and his mother taking the daily river bus near Mazan on the confluence of the Rio Napo and the Amazon Peru

  • 1sequoia_kids_peru

    Children from the Sequoia people on a reservation near near San Martin on the Rio Napo above the Amazon

  • 1kids_doorway_nepal

    Boys in Phakding Nepal with house decorated for Mani Rimdu Festival

  • 1gang_isla_mujeres_mexico

    Those darn kids - Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico

  • 1oro_preto_girl_brazil

    Braziian girl in Ouro Preto, Brazil

  • 1woman_santa_clotilde_peru

    Liquor vender in Santa Clotilde on the Rio Napo, Amazonas Perug

  • 1monkey_santa_maria_peru

    Man and his pet marmoset supervise construction of a new school in Santa Maria on Rio Napo Peru

  • 1grafitti_iquitos_peru

    Street art in Lima Peru

  • 1monastery_tibet

    Morning prayers at Tashilhunpo Monastery in Shigatse Tibet

  • 1swimming_santa_clotilde_peru

    Boys swimming in the Rio Napo in Santa Clotilde Peru